When you send your boots in clean them well with a brush and warm water. This is better for us and yourself as it can improve turn round time with no grease and dirt on the boots to start with. We don't want grease transfering around when we get them as glue just won't stick on grease and oil saturated leather.

We send your boots back only after you have paid.

Also be specific about what you want done and put that and your return address with contact details on a note with the boots. So we don't loose them and you get what you want.

Repairs like sewing are done by our repairer in Tauranga. They have a warranty from the repairer not EZDIRECT.

We do not resole with PU midsoles unless the original is in good shape and only tread needs replaceing.

We use the time proven vibram foura sole with eva and thats all we restock with. The reasoning for this is because we can shape EVA midsoles to fit different boots and brands.

PU type misdoles are all formed ex factory to fit a particular model so therefor are not able to be modified to fit other models. We can't carry a range of soles for each model out there. So we only carry and fit EVA midsoles.

If you want something different you have to let us know. We do have some other treads but only with a eva midsole if that needs replacing.

Many of our models are resoleable. We import the soles and soles with midsoles. We have found that it is better for occupations where wear and tear is high due to the nature of the working environment to be able to replace the midsole aswell. Our wearers are normally in the high wear and tear group so it makes good sence for us to be able to backup with resoling..

Adhesives are better than they used to be. Making the heavier welted sole system or where the misole is sewn through onto the upper redundant.

We have never had a midsole seperation from the upper. Though we have had soles worn through or worn so that they are unbalanced or have rotted out due to NZ conditons. In all those cases it is better to have the ability to replace the midsole.

Better for economy of durability and the environment.

Enquire if you want more info. 

Contact us 073786838 sales@ezdirect.nz

We have hundreds of happy resoled customers since 2006.

Six month warranty applies to all boot resoles and repair work done.

Cost is from $145 plus $12.50 postage. Alpin resole is $165 plus $12.50 postage. GST is included.

We may repair other brands too..naturally we only use the best quality EVA midsole proven in NZ and the most popular outdoor sole, the legendary Vibram Foura.

Haix KSK3000 on their third set of soles. Shows how a good leathercare program such as with police or military can work well for customers. These are seven years old.