Mainly wearing them for work beekeeping. Now have to wear supportive boots, rugby injury.

Great boot and no time for a breakin for first time out and no blisters. Did a fly in Fiordland this year and they held up. impressed so far. 

- Terry Williams


Kostyles were a good price at the time after researching them. Thanks great service and for sending out some extra sizes as its a pita buying online but this helped out and very convenient. Have had had a few embarasing online wrong sizes in the past ending up on tardme.

Will buy again from you guys.

Tim McCray 


I have been wearing the canyons on the farm. Its everyday work. Rain an crap and sun the next. Real outdoor out there and doing it overtime.

Big drop from my usual over $700 expenditure now.

Partner saw them online first to be honest after your ad in the farmer mag. Good value

Thankingyou Mark Rutte



First impressions and thoughts of the Canyon. 

Yes they are a well made boot and good quality for sure.

Also very light for the size of them.

Compared to my Lowas they are just on 240 gms less per boot.

Slightly more more flexible - good for my hunting.

Good ankle support. 

Grip is on par

Solid boots

Value for money

Gerald Puru


Switched over from Haix to Kostyle just over year ago now because of the price difference mainly. Cannot notice much difference besides the Kostyle is lighter. Not sure why that is but the K2 takes longer to dryout. When dry the Kostyles still lighter. Could be the event liner is faster. I'm an enthusiatic gram counter. They still look good. No bits falling off yet and have been applying the mink cream, can recommend. I also purchased one of your Tashev packs. Good sharp prices. See you next time Kim and thanks for your help. A1+

Best regards Tony Norris


Hey Kim

Hope you are all fine.

Thanks for sending the Kostyle out to look at with the others. A new brand and decided to keep them as you know. So far have only used them for a week tramp over xmas break. 

Yes they were comfortable at the heel which was my problem spot so don't need to worry and I'm sure they'll last well.. 

Cheers & have great year & best wishes, Alex Scott


had them for 10 months on hill country sheep beef and some deer. got tired of only getting 6 months out of boots and decided to fork out on a decent pair. mates had been in bestard's but the canyons were cheaper so bought them. happy with them. looks like could get another year or more.

cheers james


After 30 years in gumboots these have literally changed my life. Feet needed surgery and was told to wear more supportive boots with prescribed orthotics. Feet are less tired, they fit and support better and more comfortable than rubber and way more grip.

Good deal will buy again!

Thanks Kim for the advice