Protecting your own and future generations firearm rights.

Clearly the anti firearm lobby and politicians in NZ have lost the plot and are out of fucus and poorly aimed. Govt without normal democratic process, ignored consultation and voted to ban a class of firearms 2019 at the time in possession of legally fit and proper firearm owners as per NZ law.

Public submissions to comment on the bill were accepted between 2 April and 3 April. A record minimal time for parliamentary unreasonable behavior.  Reading through the submissions for banning law abiding possession the majority of those submissions contain no argument or evidence, only a mono generic lobby organized "I support ban".

All licensed firearm owners in  NZ are only responsible for less than 1% of firearm offences and it is only legal to remove firearms if there has been an offence or a protection order against a legal firearm owner. Therefore without committing any offence firearm owners were unreasonably treated tantamount to criminals and discriminated by the system without logical reasoning or just cause.

Perhaps ban the gangs instead or even take a tougher line on gangs like Australian Govt has. No our Govt went after 250,000 fit and proper citizens holding legal firearm licenses here in NZ and bashed their rights with draconian firearm ownership regulation.

So what’s next given the above state of affairs and past behavior predicates future behavior?

"Gun licenses currently have to be renewed every 10 years, but Gun Control ( a new anti gun ownership lobby group) want to shorten that to three years and a registration" They are currently lobbying the Politician’s who have proven that they can act unilaterally without fair proper public consultation and therefore usurp due democratic process. Some warned they would act this way.

To follow the anti gun lobby demands. They will need at least 350 full time staff pulled out of the economy to do a meaningless task of the 3 yearly checks.

The gun registration attempt in Canada 1993 wasted est 527 million Canadian dollars and failed due to human error then abandoned in 2012.

Modern inexpensive CNC machines can produce fireams at home now. Australian police regulary find home made and black market firearms years after they tightened laws.

The push back against more tax wastage and nonsense laws in NZ has to be heard. Join an advocate group and sign every petition that supports your heritage and future generations.

Sporting Shooters NZ

Council of Licensed Firearm Owners

KIWI party

The singular politian to vote against the recent firearm ban via the midnight parliament express was libertarian David Seymor of ACT.