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New Zealand
Open 8:30 to 5;30 7 days
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EZDIRECT has been proudly offering quality products to New Zealand and Australia since 2006. 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

We are the importer selling direct from storage in New Zealand. Products that are engineered and manufactured for better safety, durability and comfort with parts and repair back up if the product is fixable.

This more efficient structure allows us to supply customers at near wholesale prices on most items and we can offer the best product knowledge built from years of one on one sales. Also we can maintain our products to help extend use and reduce waste. Further saving our customers and the envoronment

Listening to customer experience and feedback is important. Reinforced with our results of real field tests helps us to compare and then advise the best options that are suitable for particular tasks and requirements. Assisting you to make the best educated choice before buying.

Warranty and back up after warranty

For any manufacturing warranty covered problem/s and better boot longevity out of warranty we offer back up resoling which is done at EZDIRECT Ltd in Taupo.

If you have an out of warranty repair problem let us know so we can assist. We may be able to resole other brands depending on construction if its practical.

For the manufacturing warranty purposes you must provide your sales invoice for our accounting. No original sales invoice supplied from EZDIRECT Ltd for evidence of the sale then no warranty. EZDIRECT Ltd does not warranty products from other suppliers.

Warranty excludes any damage resulting from environment, wear and tear or neglect by the purchaser of the item/s. Please understand that there is personal responsibility when you use any product.

Please note kindly.

Boots must be sent in cleaned prior or they may not be accepted for repair. A water and brush is fine. Don't use detergent.

Please contact EZDIRECT Ltd prior to sending for advice.


We can take visa or mastercard via the site system or over the phone.

We do accept cheques or cash.

Bank deposit ANZ Taupo EZDIRECT Ltd 06 0429 0234272 00

Please leave your name for reference.


Once your payment is processed your items are delivered.

Please let us know if your shipment is delayed.

We have only lost one item in over seven years of business.

We can send out two or three pairs at no extra postage cost in New Zealand for you to try sizes or models for comparison.

We use layered SSL systems and we do not forward details to others
Return Refund Policy:
After purchase you have ten days to return the product in condition received for refund of product price.
You can swap to another product. If there is any difference in price this will be accounted for in the final payment.
There is no extra postage charge for a swap.

Exchange policy
We will be pleased to exchange unworn and unmarked footwear accompanied by a receipt within ten days of purchase

Please be sure you have the correct size and fitting, as we are unable to exchange worn goods for this reason. Take your time to fit them and check that there are no pressure points or looseness.

In accordance with your legal rights we will repair, replace or refund any justified complaints where goods are found to be defective as to quality and performance

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase

We are unable to accept returned goods where:

Goods have been worn.

Goods have been damaged after purchase.

Sale items are a final sale

None of the above affects your rights under the consumer guarantees act

What kind of warranty do you offer?
One Year Limited Manufacture Warranty

•What This Warranty Covers:
This warranty covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in your new product.

•What That Warranty Does Not Cover:professional hunting or pest control. For farming, no rand warranty for yard work.
This warranty does not cover a) any problems which result from damage by negligence or accident or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Manufacturer, b) Product that has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Manufacturer approved personnel; c) Product that has been improperly used or maintained or that has been subjected to abnormal conditions of use or maintenance not in conformity with the Manufacturer’s written instructions concerning use or maintenance; d) the components of any Product subject to natural wear such as outsoles.
Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances will the Manufacturer, the Supplier, or any affiliate of either of them be liable, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise (including based on negligence or strict liability), for any special, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind. Without limiting any other provision hereof, the maximum liability for direct damages in respect of any Product shall not exceed the actual price paid to the Manufacturer or the Supplier for the Product. You are responsible for insuring that the use of any Product complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and with any applicable product specifications and documentation.

•How Long The Warranty Lasts:

The coverage of the warranty lasts for one year after the date of purchase of your Product. Notice of any claim under the warranty must be received by the Supplier immediately at the time an issue occurs during that one year period.

•How To Get Service:
If you experience a problem with your Product, contact your Supplier

Follow the advice supplied with the footwear. Failure to do so may void warranty due to improper use. Keep the sales invoice as this is used for the warranty for proof of sale.

Footwear for pest control, professional hunting or any similar work there is no warranty and no footwear is recommended or fit for those particular purposes.

Also no warranty for claims for rands or toe cap damage from farming as this is directly caused by stock feet treading on the footwear in yards. We advise not to wear the boots in the stockyards at all.

These issues are product expectations beyond what we can supply so we therefore have notified you in advance.

Follow leathercare advice. In short practical terms never walk if the footwear leather is unconditioned and not supple is a rule. Walking in unconditioned leather will cause cracking and this is not covered by warranty at all. Nitrates and salts damage leather and cause cracking also sole damage. Solvents also damage leather, adhesives and soles. This is not a warranty covered fault of manufacturing.

You should keep your old pair of boots as back up. This will allow time for inspection of boots if an issue occurs and requires further inspection . Also it's a good idea for repairs beyond warranty to have this spare pair for use at this time. Take a picture of the issue immediately when it is noticed.

Abrasion by the wearer is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Make sure the boot fits properly and that laces are done up firmly and there is no heel lift and that gators are not rubbing on sewing. Both these are examples of footwear user caused abrasion. Damage caused by wear and tear by the user or from the environment is also not covered by the warranty and unclaimable damages are not limited to these examples.

Immediately when you have a problem you must cease using the footwear and send the footwear to us for inspection. Continued use of the product will make the issue worse and void your warranty.

Repairs can be carried out on footwear in New Zealand. Lining, Sewing, Lacing elements, Adhesive and Resoling repairs are some examples. These repair examples do not require replacement of the footwear and further it is beneficial beyond the warranty time frame for your footwear longevity.

See our resole page in information.