HAIX® reviews


HAIX® reviews

HAIX® Nepal ten years old.


A very happy ten years old birthday Oct 2016 for the boots.

An example of Haix longevity with proper care.

Simon Hall, Taupo



"I've owned my HAIX-NEBRASKA since 2006 and still going strong. Super comfortable under load and can stalk all day in them. Prompt and good service pre and post sale, makes it an easy choice for my next pair. Happy Customer –MalcolmB

In over 20 years combined service in both the NZ Army and NZ Police, I've worn countless pairs of boots from numerous manufacturers, all offering different uses. As any soldier will testify to, a good pair of boots is worth it's weight in gold. This couldn't be any truer of the Haix KSK. I've put these boots through the mill, wether it be during extended operations in the poring rain, a Battle Efficiency Test, or normal general duties policing. These boots are still water proof and as comfortable as when I first got them 6 years ago. I liked them so much I got a pair of the GSG9 tactical boots too and couldn't be any happier. They're light weight, quiet on a hard surface, yet sturdy enough to throw a light pack on and do the job required. Well worth the price for years of hard wear.

Damian WHITE.

P6 Best boots I have ever had. I bush stalk mainly kaimanawas/kawekas.     Swodem HuntnFish Forum

I Really like my Haix mace08 FishnHunt forum.


I got a pair of Haix p6 from Ezi. After two years of hell they're still going hard.    Broadleaf HuntnFish forum.


"Haix - good comfortable pair of hardworking boots including drenching, calf marking and general farm work; worn most days for 2 1/2 years with total neglect. Good value for money."


Cheers Terrence Gillard

The boots I brought off you at the more than reasonable price are as good as the advertising and endorsements suggest. Was in stupidly steep country and gave solid support to the ankles. Easy to wear in.

Thanks Heaps Keith


Got my K2's yesterday.  Having had a number of Haix boots throughout the range for work and pleasure, I can only endorse what others have said.

Fantastic service and product as usual, Thanks guys


Just a note to say that I purchased a pair of KSK3000 boots from you at the Sika show in 2008 and they have been fantastic and have never let me down.Right from the start they fitted well. As I am an active member for Horowhenua SAR and also a bushcraft instructor for Mountain safety they have at times been put through the test of different conditions,re rivers, snow, mud etc and have been worn for long periods at a time without any problems.Also they have been really good for grip in the rivers and anything slippery.In my oppinion they have withstood the tests and are the most comfortable boot that I have ever owned.I have at times owned other " top of the line boots "previously and my KSK3000 boots have out lasted and out performed these boots by far.Every chance I get I recommend the boots to people.

Cheers Keith Rowe

I got K2's at the sika show and have been meaning to do a review on them for some time. Bloody awesome sums them up pretty well.

Ive used them a fair bit over the last weeks in anger. Very comfortable for putting in big KMs, Havent rolled my ankles in them yet, a first. Took a little while for my feet to get used to them but thats the usual for me. Im tough on boots and I expect my footwear to peform but on the other hand I look after them as well which is easier that expected with the Gregor Chemie. No more boots in the oven  to get the agent to take.<BR>


My work colleague and I are both very satisfied at the way the boots are working out for us both, the trip to d'Urville has certainly put mine to the test as I did struggle with ankle support in my last pair when working in the conditions we work in on the island. The comfort and stability that we require has certainly been meet by my boots and I am sure the same goes with my colleague. The service that you have given has also been superb and could not fault you in this or your expert advise in the quality and requirements of the products you have sold on to our company and I have certainly made this apparent to my superiors.<BR>

  I look forward to dealing with you and Simon in the new year and wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New year.

Johnny Joseph

I am a farmer on a large station in the central north island, I have the Haix Nebraska boots which I brought over three years ago these boots give me the comfort and support I need to get through the day. These boots have also been used for hunting they keep the water out and are easy on my feet.

I never cleaned nor waxed  my last pair, I have just purchased new boots and I plan to keep them waxed and hope to get at least five years out of them.

Tim Bowron.


Just a note to say that the Haix boots you have been supplying us are

superior in wear, comfort, foot support than other brands that we have tried. We wear our boots everyday on a Rangitikei hill country property. We have found the Haix have a higher resistance to animal effluent (when worn in sheep yards) and horse sweat (we ride horses most days) than other boots we have used. Some of the staff and myself are finding the Haix give a 1/3 longer boot life also.

Kevin D.


The boots you sold me are awesome. I didn't bother trying to break them in, just went hunting. I spent close to 12 hours in them on their first hunt and got no blisters and found them fantastic. They have only done 6 day hunts so far but loving them, I even walked about half an hour down a stream to get back to camp one day and feet were completely dry. I did get slightly sore back of the heels on the last day of a three day hunt, but we did a lot of hill climbing and it was prob my city feet not being up to it, no blisters tho.

Apart from around camp I haven't really tried the P6s you gave me but that is due to the Rangers getting preference lol.

Paul M.


Very comfortable – right up there with the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned.

Leo McD.


Boots are very comfortable and are wearing well,very light to wear.buying direct is very good and have recommend to other people.boots fitted perfect

thanks warren


I've done a lot of hard hunting with these boots and they have had a bit of a hiding on my quad motorbike. They have been very comfortable. If I was to buy another pair I would go for full leather if you have them. The sole and lacing system are bullet proof and they would be the best boots I have ever had.

Cheers Chris


Here's my thoughts on the boots.

1/. Awesome comfort.

2/.They have so far matched or in cases bettered some of the major brands i have purchased in the past.

They have excellent grip on slippery rocks,good traction on the hill and dry reasonably fast.They are excellent for working on venison recovery/aerial search and destroy missions given the previous statements.<BR>

3/.I would continue to use this boot and would more than likely look at the fulled grain version next time around.

I think at this stage the Haix certainly is the pick and will be getting my staff to purchase these boots. Long as the price remains reasonable they will continue to hold their own against current competition.


Can you please send me a price list asap

With thanks Denis P.


We are very pleased with the product.

Thanks Paul S


 Didn't even need to wear them in.  Only thing is that I can find them a bit hot sometimes.<BR>

 Brilliant.  Not even scuffed because of the toe protectors.  Making sure I'm polishing regularly which I am sure is helping.

David H.


I am very pleased with my boots. I had a small issue with one of the eyes falling off, however this was sorted through your local agent with no fuss. As you advised the Nepal are slightly narrower compared to other styles however this has not been an issue.

 Regards Dean


No problems at all great pair of boots

Cheers  Bruce S.


The most comfortable boots I have worn - Perhaps I should have got one size bigger to cater for thicker socks but then again they may have been to big.

 I'm happy.Brian


Yes mate the boots are comfortable. I have used them pretty much everyday since I have got them and the only noticable marks on them appear to be slight scuffing on the inside toe area where they rub against power poles when climbing them. I would get another pair and have tried to recommend them to fellow linemen. The ordering and payment options you have were easy to use and I found dealing with you fine. Because I had the boots previously I knew what i was getting and had no probs with the sizing etc...I could see if any other customers had not already experienced your boots seeing them and trying them on would be useful to them.

Mate I will endeavour to recommend these boots to my employer and other linemen i meet around the country. I hope I can help promote a quality product for guys like myself to employers who value the safety and work their employees do for them.

Thanks Simon

The boots are great,no breaking in needed. I think you have got a great service,but wouldn't pay much more.Now i've bought one pair i wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair the same way i bought these.

 Thanks Sandy C.


1/.Have they been comfortable?

 Still wearing them in but brilliantly light

2/.How are they holding up to the use?

 2 weeks in they are fine, wearing them everyday

3/.Would you get another pair?


Damien H.


I have given my new HAIX ksk3000's about 8 hours on the hill in the last week

Sensational, loosening up nicely and not a rub or blister anywhere these boots seem exceptionally well made and represent good value for money fantastic grip as well, really stands out.



Managed a 7+ hour walk on Friday with overnight pack loaded up and I must say I was very impressed with initial performance. The terrain was varied with open tracks, bush and river routes. The boots offered very good support climbing over rocks at the upper reaches of the river and are definitely waterproof as I managed 30+ crossings (short quick dips) with dry feet. (paired with Huntech gators). I did not have sore feet or blisters afterwards. I was also very impressed with the grip on both wet rocks and steep slippery tracks. At this early stage would definitely recommend to others. Unfortunately I did not get on to any deer but was good just to get amongst it again and put in some yards with the pack on. cheers

Rauhine Red.


My brother and I both bought a pair of new boots, I bought a pair of Island Pro's and he bought some Haix Nebraska's from the Sika show.  We both went through the breaking in process while fitness training for a Tahr hunting trip.

Both pairs of boots were given the same waterproofing, protectant treatment.

We spent 10 days chasing Tahr on the West Coast and by the end of it my xxxxxxx were xxxxxx.  The stitching has gone in both boots down the sides and the rubber protecting the toe of the boot is peeling off.

The Haix boots ended the trip in very good condition and showed minimal signs of wear.

So to sum it up buy a pair of Haix over the xxxxxx, you'll save $200 and get a far better boot



I been doing tree work for 12yrs and moved to NZ 4years ago and so have worn

a lot of chainsaw boots as it is legally required in the UK and fell these

boots have lasted the longest and are the first pair I have needed to resole

where as before they fall apart xxxxxx, xxxxx,xxxxx were all crap.



I have worn the boots on a couple of day hunts and recently on my 4 day roar hunt down south.


They are awesome! I have put a set of Formthotic in soles in them and the are a pleasure to wear... I am really happy with the way the leather has softened up in such a short space of time and I have had absolutley no signs of blisters. For only having been worn 3 times I am surprised at how comfortable they really are, I think the Nepal has a really nice prfile and the bulk of the boot and the profile of the sole makes walking a pleasure. Grip is not a problem at all, the vibram sole and tread pattern makes for sturdy footing and no instances of the tread becoming clogged.

 I do find the gore-tex lining makes my feet sweat a little more but at the same time they are noticably warmer and the water resistance is outstanding.

 I am really happy with the boot, just a shame they are not making the model any more as I believe it would be better suited to hunting in NZ than the other model I tried on which I though was a bit too 'boxy' for my liking... you want something nimble and well fitted when clambering around the Southern Alps and through the bush.

 I look forward to seeing how the boot wears over time... I have little doubt it will serve me well!


Yea they were great, I ended up walking a fair few km's and had no issues with them. Bloody great boots.

Cheers, Jason M

The boots are now comfortable, I let you know how they hold up after 1 year, as long as I get a decent amount of wear out of them I would buy another pair, I was happy buying them off line and the sizing was perfect.