Tervel Optiline Tactical Shirt Long Sleeve Military / Grey

Tervel Optiline Tactical Shirt Long Sleeve Military / Grey

Brand: TERVEL Poland, Technical Base Layers
Product Code: Tervel Optiline Tactical Shirt Long Sleeve Military / Grey
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Tervel Optiline Tactical Shirt Long Sleeve Military / Grey

TERVEL ® OPTILINE made in Poland are fully Professional thermo active light weight base layers that are all seasons wearable for indoor and outdoor activity.
Optiline base layers are made of PROLEN ® SILTEX yarn combining modern technology with elegant design.
It guarantees functionality both during extreme and low physical activity. It has zones with increased ventilation and drainage. In addition, thanks to the use of LYCRA® fibres, the layer always adapts to your body speeding up moisture evaporation and reducing drying time.
Made of seamless & double layer technology, it ensures optimal microclimate for your body.

The inner layer is made from silver-modified polypropylene yarns responsible for quick & efficient drainage of moisture, leaving a pleasant fresh feeling. Silver ions are a natural antimicrobial agent that significantly inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin & thus removes unpleasant odors. The introduction of silver ions deep into the fiber core causes that, despite multiple washings, they stay in the material permanently without losing their properties.

1. Reduces the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus
 2. Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors & ensures high product hygiene
 3. Antibacterial agent, applied to the fiber core, is retained in the product

This reduces unpleasant odors, maintains the biological balance of the skin and ensures hygienic freshness throughout the day. Silver ions are harmless to man and the environment, and their antimicrobial and medicinal properties have been known and used for centuries. Prolen ® Siltex yarn has been developed for the production of sportswear.

The basic function of the outer layer is to receive and instantly remove the moisture from the inner layer. Made of stabilized polyamide microfibers, the outer layer ensures that the original shape and appearance are maintained for long-term use.


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