TASHEV socks Heavy Trekking Merino

TASHEV socks Heavy Trekking Merino

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TASHEV socks Heavy Trekking Merino


76% MERINO WOOL (New Zealand or Australia)

Thick, winter thermal socks made of Merino wool - world’s finest wool with its unique natural, breathable, antibacterial and insulating qualities. Soft and smooth to the touch, the Merino wool doesn’t irritate the skin like regular wool, and provides your feet with natural comfort.

Merino wool is a natural fabric mainly obtained from Australia and New Zealand Merino sheep. Due to its unique functional properties make it suitable for outdoor activities. Merion wool has the ability to thermoregulation, which is warm in winter and cooling in summer, breathable, can absorb and transport sweat, has antibacterial effects with antiodor, is hypoallergenic, it can protect against UV radiation, is flexible and strong. This technology is ideal for skier, snowboarders and other winter sports entusiasts.

Polyamide fiber characterized by soft silky touch, good breathability, rapid moisture management, high elasticity, extremely fast drying and long durablility.

LYCRA® - Highly elastic synthetic fibers, called Elastan, which expand themselves more than 3 times their length. The highest quality Elastan in the world are made by Lycra® and Spandex®. During the manufacture, Elastan is always combined with other materials, which are not used only by themselves. Thanks to the included amount of Lycra®, the socks maintain their shape and don't stretch over time.

Breathable, antibacterial and quickdrying, Heavy Trekking Merino are suitable for extended treks with high shoes. If you have no access to laundry, Heavy Trekking Merino can be worn a second day, without causing any discomfort from moisture or smell. The socks are designed with a zoned construction, strengthened and thickened on all stress zones.